Candidate ID: 000026

Location: Chico, CA

Available For: Full-time

If you are interested in learning more about this candidate: Contact Jim Pampillonia at


Knows how to run a cash register,  power tools like chippers, jackhammers, chop saw, basic tools like drills and hammers. Can easily tell size differences of wrenches, and very safe when it comes to rules and using tools. Has attended many safety meetings, group team building, and team leadership classes. 


  • Assist in fulfilling and shipping orders from different companies to individual customers.
  • Maintenance duties included recycling boxes emptying all trash cans and replace bags daily cleaning/sweeping large areas. After daily responsibilities would help fix sinks, clean printers, and move large quantities of boxes of shirts to different areas of the building.
  • Jobs vary from driving cement buggies to throwing out unleveled dirt to driving a bobcat.