We invite you to complete our on-line application. Once you submit your application you land in our candidate database where our recruiting team selects candidates for consideration to an array of job opportunities.

We fill Temporary, Temporary-to-Direct Hire, as well as Direct Hire and Executive. We work on positions at all levels…from entry level to Executive  and “C” level positions. Across a broad range of industries including:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Business/Administrative
  • Manufacturing &Production
  • Distribution & Warehouse
  • Customer Service/Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Legal

Temporary employees are paid weekly.  Our pay schedule runs from Monday through Sunday. We offer direct deposit, pay cards, and paper checks. Your paycheck is available for pick-up at our office on Friday's anytime between 8:00-5:00pm.  You can also request to have your check mailed.

Eligible employees are provided with a wide range of benefits including: health, dental, vision, and life insurance, sick time, software and typing tutorials, resume and interview resources, and opportunities to work with the best companies in The North State.

While your supervisor at the work site is your resource for daily work-related questions, Allevity Recruiting & Staffing is your employer. We remain available to support you if you have any questions or concerns. If you’re placed in a direct-hire position, we contact you periodically to inquire about your status.

Not every job is going to meet the expectations you have. If you are not interested in a position, you are free to decline. We will continue to offer positions to you based on your skills, work experience, and preferences.

We realize that not every job assignment is a good fit for you; sometimes you do not know that until you have tried the assignment. If you are on a job and find it is not going to work for you, we ask that you contact us immediately. You may be asked to stay long enough for us to find a replacement, but we will attempt to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, communication is the key. We expect open communication from you and you can expect the same from the Allevity Recruiting & Staffing team. 

Your Allevity Recruiter will be aware of your status and will continuously work to place you on new assignments as requested. Please let us know if there’s any change in your availability, and remember to update your Allevity Recruiter to include any new skills you've gained. You can also search for current opportunities on our website.

Do you know someone currently looking for a job? We're always searching for talented candidates. Direct your friend to our website to complete the on-line application. We value all referrals sent our way!