Spring Clean Your Professional Life
Spring Clean Your Professional Life

Spring is here and it’s time to tidy up a bit. If you have been struggling to find a job or are open to new opportunities in your work life, then these professional spring cleaning tips will help you get a fresh start in your job search!

1. Clean up your resume

An outdated or “old-fashioned” resume can be spotted in seconds by a recruiter or hiring manager. If you still have an objective, references, or an old graduation year on it, then it’s time to refresh your resume. If you have switched jobs since your last resume update, be sure to add that along with all of the skills and accomplishments you have achieved from that position. Maybe you haven’t changed jobs but you’ve received a promotion or worked on some unique projects, feel free to add anything you’ve learned that you think would be valuable to a future employer.

2. Renew your cover letter

Cover letters are tough, but they don’t have to be. It is always best to have a draft of a generic cover letter highlighting your best hard and soft skills. After that draft is completed, customize the letter to a specific job position and company. Make sure whoever is reading the letter (recruiter, hiring manager) is certain that the letter was written for them, and no one else. The cover letter should not just be about you, it should be about what you can do for the company.

3. Tidy up your wardrobe

Look good feel good, right? It’s time to put away the jackets, sweaters and scarves. Bring out the bright and spring colored polos and blouses that will make you stand out in an interview! There are a few things to always keep handy in your closet, regardless of the season: a pair of fitted black slacks, a white button up or blouse and a pair of professional shoes. If you are in search of interview attire, try saving a few pennies by shopping the deals. T.J. Maxx, Ross and even local thrift stores are your best bet on finding inexpensive clothing that will help you look sharp during your next interview.

4. Simplify your inbox

Yes, you with the 1,568 unread emails in your inbox… delete, delete, delete. If you are receiving dozens of promotional and spam emails a day, go through and unsubscribe from those senders to reduce the number of emails you receive in the future. This will allow you to use your email for more professional purposes, and it will lessen the chance of missing an important email amongst all the spam. Category folders in your inbox are a great way to organize your professional, personal and promotional emails.

5. Spruce up your workspace

Having a clean and organized desk is one of the best ways to accomplish something productive, whether that's researching jobs online, writing in your journal, making a to-do list, etc. A desk shouldn’t be a place you dread sitting or standing at, so take the time to make it a pleasant setting. Another tip, add some greenery to your work space to help reduce stress. Visit your local farmers market this weekend and grab a succulent plant or a batch of flowers to add to your desk. You would be amazed how refreshing it is to work at a neat desk!