How to Find a Part-Time Evening Job
How to Find a Part-Time Evening Job

Do you have a day job and are looking for a second job to earn extra money? There are a number of part-time evening jobs that can help you earn money while working a schedule that fits your needs or preferences. Learn how to find the right job for you, and check out a list of common jobs.

Benefits of a Part-Time Evening Job

There are a number of reasons why a part-time evening job might be ideal for you. If you tend to stay up late and sleep in, a night job might be perfect for your sleep schedule. It will allow you to do work when you feel most productive.

If you already have a day job, an evening job is a good way to earn some extra money during your free time.

A night job might also just work better for your current schedule. For example, if you have children that you care for during the day, it might make sense for you to find an evening job.

NOTE: Night jobs often pay better than similar day jobs, because not as many people want to work at night.

Another benefit is that night jobs often pay better than similar day jobs, because not as many people want to work at night. It's often the same scenario with weekend jobs.

Finally, many night jobs involve fewer interactions with people, since most people work during the day. If you like to work in an environment with fewer distractions and/or less human interaction, a night job might be perfect for you.

Types of Part-Time Evening Jobs

Customer Service Jobs:
Customer service jobs range from assisting shoppers at a store to answering customer questions over the phone. Many companies need employees to fill the evening and night hours. If you like to talk to people on the phone or in person and enjoy helping solve problems, this might be a good job for you.

Call Center Representative


Client Relations Assistant

Customer Care Manager

Customer Service Agent


Help Desk Worker


Retail Associate

Sales Coordinator

Driving Jobs:
If you enjoy driving in the evenings or at night, and enjoy solitude, you might consider a job as a delivery driver. Many companies need people to make deliveries late in the day or need people to drive through the night.

If you like to interact with people, consider a job as a chauffeur, taxi driver, or rideshare driver. These jobs often allow you to create your own schedule, which means you can choose to work at night.

Delivery Driver

Limousine Driver

Rideshare Driver

Taxi Driver

Truck Driver

Healthcare Jobs:
Interested in working in a hospital or clinic? Hospitals always need people who are willing to work evening and night shifts. Often, these positions pay more, because fewer people are willing to work them. Whether you are interested in working directly with patients or working on the administrative side of things, you can find an evening job in healthcare that is right for you.

Clinical Lab Technician

Home Health Aide

Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Medical Assistant

Nursing Assistant

Hospitality Jobs:
The hospitality industry is a broad category that includes everything from jobs in hotels to restaurants to casinos to amusements parks. Many of these places are open in the evenings and require employees to cater to guests at all hours of the night.

While many of these jobs involve customer service, others require little interaction with customers.






Flight Attendant

Front Desk Associate

Gaming Dealer

Guest Services Associate



Valet Attendant


Security Jobs:
Many offices, event spaces, college campuses, hospitals, and more need security guards who are willing to work evening shifts. If you like working on your own, an evening security guard position might be the ideal job for you.


Campus Security Guard

Private Security Guard

Security Guard

Security Officer

Teaching Jobs:
While most teachers work a typical workday, there are many positions that involve teaching in the evening hours. For example, you might work as an evening tutor for students at a tutoring center or in an afterschool program. You might also teach a particular skill or activity to students (such as dance, music, etc.). If you specialize in a particular field, you might teach evening classes to students or to adults at a local university.

Adjunct Professor

Adult Education Teacher

Afterschool Teacher


Music Teacher

Online Teacher

Test Prep Teacher


Tips for Finding the Right Job for You

Think about what you want. Before you start searching for jobs, think carefully about what kind of job you want. In part, this means thinking about what kind of industry you want to work in. However, this also means thinking carefully about other factors. What window of time do you have available to work? Are you looking for a job for the early evening, or do you want a job that will have you working through the wee hours of the morning?

Once you have a sense of the type of job and the hours you are available, you are ready to start searching.

Search online. Most job search engines and job boards allow you to search by type of job. The advanced search options usually let you check off parameters like “part-time only” or even “night jobs.” Check out the advanced search options on your favorite job search site to see if you can narrow your search this way.

You can also search the phrase “night jobs” or “evening jobs” in the search bar on the job site. You can then narrow that search by adding other relevant keywords and by using the advanced search options.

Search locally. If you are looking for a job close to home, use a variety of methods to find local night jobs. For example, if there are specific local businesses you are interested in working for, visiting their offices and ask if they have any evening jobs available. Check your local newspaper for job listings.

Use your network. Like any other job search, you should use your network of colleagues, friends, and family to find a job. Send an email to friends and family telling them about your job. Update your LinkedIn profile. You might even reach out to contacts via your social media accounts. You never know who might know of a good part-time evening job for you.

Consider working freelance. Depending on your industry, you might consider freelancing. This is a great way to work from home, and it generally allows you to work your own hours (including evening hours). Jobs like writer, editor, virtual assistant, programmer, web designer, and more, can all be done freelance. There are apps you can use to find money-making gigs that you can work based on your availability.

Ask your boss if you can work evening hours. If you already have a job that you like, but are either looking for extra work or want to shift to night hours, ask your boss if you can make some changes to your schedule. Perhaps he or she will let you do some extra work at night, or will let you shift your hours.

SOURCE: The Balance