Help a Child Today
Help a Child Today

As a sponsor for the Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley, providing any sense of normalcy for the children of Paradise and the surrounding areas is a top priority. Donating directly to the Club versus third party groups will help a child TODAY.

Statement from BGCNV:

Our kids have lost their schools, their homes, their teachers, but they have not lost the Boys & Girls Club. With schools closed/destroyed and everyone displaced we are OPEN for them and that's why we need the direct support so that we can continue to support them, keep them connected to their mentors - we are the safe place they haven't lost.

Our kids just lost all the donors that care for Paradise kids and we need to keep some normalcy, stability and keep their staff/mentors and their Champions connected with them so that they have people who know them and can continue to care for them after they've experienced such horrific trauma. No other Chico group on the ground providing direct service has that relationship or has that ability. So please give to us because we are helping the kids RIGHT NOW keep their mentors/champions and we are keeping them together through their healing.

Follow the link to DONATE NOW.