Find a Great Job Right Now—Even During the Pandemic
Find a Great Job Right Now—Even During the Pandemic

Employment seekers should see a job hunt in the COVID-19 climate as an opportunity: This is the time to find the perfect job.

The key is finding the company that's looking for you. We'll help.

If you're ready to interview, we're ready to set you up with someone who will value your special skills and experience. The best step you can take is to enroll in our candidate database so we can help you find a perfect match. 

Consider this—if an organization is hiring right now, it means they have their stuff together. They know their staffing needs, and they are in search of an outstanding fit. You should prepare to show your potential employer you are the right person to fill their needs.
Here is a free, downloadable guide to getting prepped for your job hunt. Get your application materials ready, then call us at 530-891-1955 or get started right away. We'll guide you to your new job from there.

Prepare to be Professional

For most of us, the last three months have featured minimal human contact. If you've been sheltering in place, you might need to brush up your professional interfacing skills a bit. If you get to an interview, you still have a first impression to make—make it count.

Once you complete your hiring materials, give your social media accounts a once-over. Make sure there is nothing there that would give an employer pause. And, even if your interview is over Zoom or Skype, look the part. A fresh haircut and a professional outfit contribute to your first impression. Don't be the person who didn't get the job because they interviewed in a T-shirt.

Ensure a Proper Fit

The hardest part about finding a perfect job is knowing where to look. But rest assured, employers are looking as hard as you are. Working with us can ensure that you end up not only finding a job but finding the right job. Our recruiters specialize in knowing what employers want, so they will know a great fit when they see it. If a position is right for you, it's their job to make sure you have the best opportunity to fill it.

If you're ready to connect with a recruiter to find your perfect landing spot, we're ready to help! Let's get started.