5 Tips for Landing a Seasonal Job
5 Tips for Landing a Seasonal Job

With the holidays right around the corner, businesses are preparing for their holiday shoppers. This means they will be needing extra helping hands to keep things running smoothly during the upcoming months.

If you’re in need of a job on the fly or just want some extra cash in your pocket this holiday season, then you’re in luck. Seasonal jobs are a great way to build your resume, broaden your skills and experience, and possibly land a full-time position if the company needs additional full-time employees.

Here are some tips on landing a seasonal job:

1. Retail is where it’s at

There’s no hiding the fact that retail is the first option people think of when searching for a seasonal job. Retailers are hiring, so go apply. Now.

2. But… don’t forget to look beyond retail positions

Of course, all the major retailers will be hiring, but be sure to look a little further. Be on the lookout for organizations, such as catering companies needing staff for holiday events and parties. Package delivery companies are also in need of assistance this season. Take a look at  opportunities on the career sites such as UPS and FedEx.

3. Be a quick learner

During the application and interview process, alert your recruiter and hiring managers of your adaptation skills. Seasonal workers need to be quick learners since they are hired right before the busiest and craziest time of the year. Have examples prepared of experiences where you were able to efficiently work under high stress situations.

4. Flexibility is a necessity

Full-time employees have priority when it comes to the holiday hours, so expect to work on Black Friday and Christmas Eve. Attach your availability to your application that shows you can work the hours requested by the company.

5. Contact your local staffing agency

If there is an open job, recruiters are usually the first to know. Allevity Recruiting & Staffing works with clients in the Chico area that often need seasonal staff. Keep an eye out on our Facebook, LinkedIn and website for seasonal opportunities.