15 Best Weekend Jobs to Boost Your Income
15 Best Weekend Jobs to Boost Your Income

Are you looking to work some extra hours on weekends? Are you interested in supplementing your income or juggling your schedule to work when it’s convenient for you? Why work during weekends? There are many reasons to look for a weekend job. For example, some individuals need to supplement the income from their Monday–Friday position.

Other workers with children have a partner who is available at the weekend to care for their children, giving them availability to work. Students with heavy class schedules during the week may choose to allocate weekend hours to paid employment. Still, others prefer to schedule their working hours on the weekend, freeing up weekdays for other activities.

Types of Available Jobs

Some jobs are available for weekend work because you can set your own schedule. For others, there is a demand for employees who are available to work a weekend schedule. The emergence of the freelance 'gig' economy and remote/work from home options offer a broad range of opportunities to concentrate work at the weekend voluntarily.

These opportunities are available at a variety of skill and education levels. Other major areas of opportunity include industries like hospitality, retail, travel, and real estate that experience peak demand at the weekend.

Good Weekend Jobs to Earn Extra Income

Here’s a look at some of the best jobs for people who want to work weekends, including a job description and earnings potential.

1. Rideshare Driver

Driving for a service like Uber or Lyft enables an individual to work whenever they want, including just on weekends. Weekends are a time when potential customers want rides to entertainment and shopping venues like restaurants, bars, theaters, and malls. Many drivers work for multiple services to expand their earning opportunities.

Rideshare drivers need to be good drivers with a decent sense of direction, and must own a vehicle in good working condition. Uber estimates that its drivers earn $19 per hour on average, with rates over $30 per hour in New York City.

2. Retail Sales Worker

Stores in many areas experience peak volume of shoppers at the weekend when they allocate staffing more extensively. Retail sales clerks (and other personnel who stock and organize merchandise) need strong customer service skills and attention to detail to process transactions accurately. Retail positions require staff to spend long hours on their feet.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), retail sales workers earned an average of $11.24 per hour as of May 2017, when the BLS estimated that there were 4,854,300 retail sales jobs available. These jobs are particularly plentiful during the holiday shopping season. 

3. eBay/Amazon Seller

eBay sellers and Amazon sellers have the flexibility to focus most of their efforts on promoting products at the weekend. They may need to respond to some buyers during the week, but uploading listings, packaging and mailing orders can be done on the weekend. eBay and Amazon keep 10 percent to 15 percent of the proceeds from sales. Make sure you sign up to sell as an individual on Amazon to avoid a monthly fee.

According to webretail.com, 34.3 percent of eBay sellers make under $10,000 per year, versus only 9.0 percent of Amazon sellers, and 3.9 percent of eBay sellers make over a million dollars per year, versus 16.7 percent of Amazon sellers. The seasonal peak for online sales tends to correspond with the holiday shopping season.

4. Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Weddings are mostly scheduled on weekends, so this job can be perfect for photography and videography enthusiasts. You may need to meet with prospective clients during the week, but most of the work, including building a website with portfolio samples and editing photos and videos, can be done at the weekend. Wedding photographers and videographers can earn big bucks, with an average charge of $1,700 to $2,000 according to weddingwire.com. Most weddings are held in spring and summer.

5. Handywoman/Handyman

Most working families would prefer to have home repairs done at the weekend, during their off hours. Potential customers often don't have the skills or the time to complete jobs like minor carpentry, installing light fixtures, painting, repairing drywall, or light plumbing work. The average hourly rate for handyman services is $60 to $65 according to homeadvisor.com. Aspiring handywomen or handymen can build references by taking on jobs with friends and neighbors.

6. Wedding Musician or DJ

Weddings are typically weekend events, and bands can also schedule much of their practice time at the weekend. You might need to schedule some time to meet with prospective clients during the week, but most of the work can take place on the weekend. Wedding musicians must master a broad range of tunes to satisfy diverse generational and musical tastes at weddings and parties. The average wedding band charges $4,000, according to weddingwire.com.

7. Bartender

Bars experience high traffic levels at weekends. Sports bars are very busy around weekend sporting events like college and professional football. Wedding and event venues will also provide weekend-based opportunities. The BLS reports that there were 611,200 bartender jobs in the U.S. economy during 2016.

Bartenders need to have knowledge regarding mixing drinks, a lively personality, good listening abilities, and customer service skills. They earn most of their income from tips, so there is a wide range of potential compensation based on customer traffic. Successful bartenders can earn $200 or more per day.

8. Golf Caddy

Most golf courses experience high levels of weekend traffic. Caddying opportunities are mainly available during the warmer seasons in areas with temperate winter weather, but can be year-round in states like Florida and Arizona. It helps to have first-hand knowledge of equipment and how to approach different holes. Physical stamina is required to walk courses and carry clubs.

Income for caddies varies greatly based on the level of the course and golfer, and the tips received. Forbes estimated that caddies could earn between $20 and $30 per hour plus tips.

9. Registered Nurse

There is a high demand for nurses, particularly per diem nurses, to supplement regular staff and to work weekends. Registered nurses follow treatment plans, administer medications, treat wounds, and monitor patients' health status.

The BLS reports that there were 2,955,200 nursing jobs in 2016, with an average hourly wage of $33.65 as of May 2017. The BLShas projected registered nurse jobs to much grow faster than average through 2026.

10. Tax Preparer

Organizations like H&R Block train and hire seasonal workers to help clients to prepare tax returns. Weekends are a prime time for customers to seek tax assistance. Tax preparers interview clients to extract information about income and expenses and seek to maximize deductions. Tax preparers consult with senior staff regarding complex tax issues.

Ziprecruiter.com reports an average hourly wage of $21 for seasonal tax preparers.

11. Freelance Writer/Editor

Freelance writers and editors create content for websites and compose written materials such as direct marketing pieces, business reports, and feature articles. Editors proofread writing, correct grammar, and modify writing to enhance readability. Much of this work could be done on weekends around a worker's or student's weekday commitments.

Freelance writers and editors generally earn $30 to $80 per hour depending on the type of work being completed.

12. Web Designer

Web designers analyze the needs of businesses, individuals, and other entities to represent their operations to the public through the internet. They create web pages using coding and formatting tools. Web designers incorporate content, graphics, and video into websites. They must have a strong knowledge of desktop web authoring tools, as well as writing and graphic design skills. Some freelance designers partner with writers and graphic designers to complete projects.

Much of this development work can be conducted on the weekend, with the possible exception of some communication with prospective and ongoing clients.

According to Salary.com web designers earn an average of $31 to $42 per hour.

13. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives communicate with customers over the phone or online to solve problems with products or to educate consumers about the effective use of products and services. Technical support workers educate users regarding the use of computer, software, and related products and services. Customer service representatives need to be patient with disgruntled customers and have strong listening, verbal communication, and problem-solving skills.

Weekends are a peak time for consumers to receive support regarding products and services.

The BLS reports that customer service representatives earned an average hourly wage of $15.81 as of May 2017.

14. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual aspects of web pages, brochures, logos, packaging, advertisements, reports, and presentations. They translate the ideas of clients into viable designs. Graphic designers must possess creative abilities, aesthetic sensibility, and have expertise working with desktop design programs. Web development and writing skills are helpful if the designer is working without partners.

Freelance designers carry out much of the design work completed in the U.S., especially projects for individuals and small businesses. Designers can work from home and carry out most aspects of projects at the weekend.

The BLS reports that graphic designers earned an average hourly wage of $23.41 as of May 2017.

15. Ski Instructor

Ski resorts experience peak traffic on weekends and need an expanded roster of instructors to meet demand. Ski instructors assess skiers' abilities and explain and demonstrate an appropriate technique to enhance performance. They must be patient, socially engaging, and have strong communication skills. Knowledge of first aid is helpful. Ski instructors typically have advanced expertise as a skier, and certification may be required.

Ski instructors earn an average of $15 to $30 per hour based on their level of expertise, according to SnowSchool.com.

How to Line Up a Weekend Gig

If you're looking to boost your income quickly, you can use these money-making apps to find opportunities that are match. You'll be able to specify your availability for weekend work when you sign up or log in to the app. Also explore websites that focus on gig opportunities.

SOURCE: The Balance