How Staffing and Recruiting Firms Can Help Recent Grads Find Employment
How Staffing and Recruiting Firms Can Help Recent Grads Find Employment

You’ve graduated from college and probably received your diploma in the mail by now. The “struggle was real” with school, but now you face an even bigger challenge... Applying that shiny new degree towards getting a real job in the “real world”.

It isn’t uncommon that college graduates struggle to find their dream jobs right out of school. According to Time magazine, three to nine months is the average amount of time it takes for new college grads to land a job. However, by working with a staffing and recruiting company  that offers temporary, temporary to hire, and direct hire opportunities can significantly change that average.

Here is a list of reasons why staffing and recruiting firms can benefit your long term job search.

Is your resume looking a little sparse? Never experienced having a real job before?

Landing a temporary job in your industry is a wonderful way to gain experience while also filling in those gaps on your resume. Even if the job isn’t in your specific field, you will still gain experience relevant to the job you eventually see yourself having!

No matter what position you end up with, the position will still challenge you to work harder towards finding the job you want. You will still be held responsible with  juggling multiple tasks and working with others while on the clock. These skills are highly valuable and will transfer throughout your career.

Some of the best positions available are never publicly listed. You can search far and wide on job sites and never come across your perfect job post. Many of these “perfect” jobs you are desperately trying to find are only filled through word-of-mouth. This can make it difficult for someone right out of school to find those hidden gem positions.

However using a staffing and recruiting firm will introduce you to a whole new world of people- people who have definitely been working in the “the real world” a lot longer than you! By introducing yourself to a new crowd, you are given the chance to make a good first impression. This is the time to show off your work ethic, problem solving skills, and people skills to potential employers. Working with a firm  like Allevity Recruiting & Staffing is the first step to building trust, trust that can get you a job!

Even if a staffing and recruiting firm doesn’t offer a position in your field, the odds of you coming into contact with people within that industry are high. If you accept temporary work , it’s crucial to make that extra effort to get to know who you are working with and form relationships. These relationships may end up helping you find out about that unadvertised position that may just be perfect for you!

Waiting for that Dream Job
Wait, you have to start your student loans payments 5 months from now? Maybe your parents have been dropping hints a little extra lately saying things like “how’s that job search going?” and “the bills aren’t going to pay themselves!”. After having the freedom of living on your own while at school, becoming dependent on your parents to help you during your “post-grad” period can get old really fast.

That need for a steady paycheck may lead some people to jump on any job they can get their hands on. Once they’ve taken that position, they can get stuck. Leaving too soon may leave a bad impression and finding the time to search for a job is a lot harder.

However going to a staffing and recruiting firm and applying for a temporary job will allow you the time and ability to search for your dream job. The paychecks will keep your water running and your student loans in check until you find the right position. Plus, the flexibility of a temporary job means that you have a better chance of planning out a day of interviews when you need to.

Temporary to Hire
Companies will turn to staffing firms for many reasons. Some are only looking to hire seasonally and just need extra help during that time. Others are looking to fill a position because the current employee is on temporary leave. The third reason for most temp to hire positions is due to an employee leaving and the company wanting to see how the candidate will work in the position before committing to hiring them.Doing well in this role highly increases your chance of being hired and becoming a valued part of the client company team.

In some cases, if the employer is impressed with a temp’s performance they can go so far as creating a new position at the company. Hard work pays off and if you are offered a brand new role, you are already on your way to starting your career in the direction you want to go.

Working with a staffing and recruiting firm has a million upsides for recent grads who are just beginning to feel out the working world. At a temp job, you’ll learn about life in the office and get the information that will help you decide where you want to be later on in your career. If you are graduating soon or just got out of school, look up staffing and recruiting firms near you. It’s a chance to get your bearings in the workplace and jump start a successful career.

Your Chances are Higher when Getting Hired if you already have a Job
Yes, you read that correctly! According to a report on NPR, employers reported feeling more comfortable hiring someone who is already working. They claim that these candidates look more responsible and some even go as far as believing there might be “something wrong with you” if you apply without a current job.

Lucky for you, you have just graduated! If your main focus was getting through school, many employers will understand that. But until you find that dream job, checking out your local staffing and recruiting firm can broaden your horizons.

When you list your current staffing and recruiting firm as your employer and share the skills you have acquired, you will find that you look a lot better than an applicant who has an employment gap after graduation.